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3 Quick Tips for a Better Insuring Experience

  1. Comparison Shop - This is important because each carrier offers a unique rate. A common myth is that there is such thing as the "cheapest" company; however, the fact is that certain carriers may be competitive for some drivers, but not for others. This is because each driver has unique rating factors and each insurer has an individual criteria for determining rates.
  2. Be Knowledgeable - Automobile insurance coverage is a serious matter. It can mean the difference between a financial ruin or a helping hand in the event of an unexpected loss. It's often that assumptions are dangerously made by policyholders thinking they're covered when they're really not. Be aware of the misleading term "full coverage" since there are always coverage limitations and exclusions.
  3. State Admitted - Consider purchasing a policy from a carrier which is admitted by the state in which it solicits  policies because it offers policyholders a certain degree of added protection from financial instability. This is because an admitted carrier is backed by State funds in case the insurer is unable to pay it's financial debts.

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